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a trek through Sardinia's natural beauties


One of the most beautiful treks in Sardinia.
The calcareous rocks of Supramonte, the gentle and wild natural landscape, the gorges, the caves, the sheer high cliffs which drop to the sea, the centuries-old junipers, the "cuilis" (sheepfolds), the green emerald blue water of the Gulf of Orosei, the inlets, forgotten in time, framed by the sky, the rocks and the sea.

how to get there | a few suggestions | map


  • province: Nuoro
  • area: Supramonte, along the Gulf of Orosei
  • territory: you pass through Baunei and Dorgali

Starting: Cala Gonone

Arrival: Punta Goloritzè

Time length: 3 days

Stages: Cala Gonone-Cala Fuili; Cala Fuili-Cala Luna; Cala Luna-Cala Sisine; Cala Sisine-Ispu!igadenie (Cala Mariolu); Ispuligadenie-Cala Goloritzè

Stage 1:

  • From Cala Gonone to Cala Luna
    about 3 km]

From Cala Gonone the view sweeps the gulf, taking in the coast which stretches southwards.
Following the paved road, which skirts the sea for about 3 km, yuo reache Cala Fuili.
Cala Fuili is a small beach with many places where you can camp.
From the beach Codula Fuili (a dry river bed) leads up hill (photo on the right).


  • From Cala Fuili to Cala Luna
    about 2 hours]

An easy path ascends southwards along the homonymous Codula. The path then turns inland, occasionally allowing brief views of the sea, and follows it as far as Codula di Luna.
Once you are down, one can quickly reach Cala Luna, a wonderful beach with large caves wide open onto the sea. Spending the night in one of these large cave openings is a unique and emotional experience.

ALTERNATIVE: between Cala Fuili and Cala Luna you can quickly descend to the Caletta of Oddoana.


  • From Cala Luna to Cala Sisine
    about 4 hours]

Continue southwards along an easy path which, with some sharp turns, leads over the Codula and continues to ascend inland along a deep valley called Badde de Lupiru. After passing S'Arcada S'Architieddu Lupiru, a beautiful rock arch, continue until the path finally levels out. The view over the Gulf is breathtaking.
Further on, after a short ascent and two sharp turns, leave the trail to take a small path which winds down through the thick Mediterranean shrub towards the sea. This path leads to Cala Sisine.
The camp is on the long beach located in front of Plummare, the highest sheer rock in the Mediterranean sea. No one has ever climbed it.

Stage 4:

  • From Cala Sisine to the beach of Ispuligidenìe (Cala Mariolu)
    about 6 hours]
    after 3 hours, there is a spring with drinkable water..

Follow the long but beautiful Codula Sisine, which is framed by rock faces and, now and then, shaded by majestic holm-oaks.
The route continues along an easy path which ascends as far as the big Golgo Plateau. Take the route through the Ololbizzi area (ALTERNATIVE)
and cross the wonderful plateau as far as another path which takes you to the left.
Follow this path, shortly after the junction there is a stone vat full of spring water where you can get water. It takes about 3 hours to get here.
At this point the route heads north, turning in the opposite direction followed so far.
Pass the cuile (sheepfold) of Antonio Cabras on your right and continue until the path tums east and you reach another fork in the road.
If you take the right fork the route takes you to Serra' e Lattone while the left fork descends to Bacu Mudaloro (ALTERNATIVE).
This walk is long and becomes more difficult.
The path slowly disappears and the route takes you through a rock strewn valley. Just before the end of the ascent (at the end of which there is a beautiful view over the valley of Goloritzè) there is a path on the left which takes you along the ridge of Serra' e Lattone.
NB: be extremely careful not to lose your way. When you reach some abandoned sheepfolds ascend as far as the vast summit of the Serra.
From here it is essential to follow the most obvious track, which winds its way northwards between sharp rocks and bushes and then slowly descends eastwards towards the sea. Follow the track until you reach a beautiful hollow in a rock. You can see the sea from here.
The track passes to the left of the arch and there is a rapid descent into the forest of Ispuligidenìe.
This will take you to a crag overlooking the beach. The track ascends along the ridge to the rocky peak of Punta Ispuligi. The track descends and on the left there are some vertica! rocks. With a few leaps you finaily have reached the fantastic beach of Ispuligidenìe (ALTERNATIVE).
Here you will spend an unforgettable night.


Stage 5 

  • From Ispuligadenie (Cala Mariolu) to Cala Goloritzè
    about 5 hours

Leave the beach of Ispuligidenie and retrace your steps of the day before as far as the vat in the red plain of Golgo (ALTERNATIVE). Approx. 2 and a half or 3 hours.
From here take the path followed in the previous stage from Cala Sisine, heading southwards. After passing by the little old white Church of S. Pietro, you reach the point where on the left the path leads to Goloritzè and on the right to a Restaurant and to the cuili of the Golgo. It takes about 1 hour from the vat.
If you like, you can have a meal here and get to know Antonello, Silvano & Co. You can either chose to spend the night here and continue the following day or continue walking through the evening and into the night.
Going towards Goloritzé, you walk by the As Piscinas water pools and the big chasm of Su Sterru; the path then becomes an easy walk that after a short ascent leaves the Golgo plain and descends along Bacu Goloritzé, between holm-oaks and vertical rock faces until the Aguglia can be seen. The rock spire dominates the skyline above Cala Goloritzè.
Descending at the end of a short steep crag you reach the inlet.
The trek ends here. It takes about 1 hour from Golgo, about 2 hours from the vat, in total about 4 and a half hours / 5 hours from Ispuligidenìe.
Under the sea, fresh water springs cool the sea water and a thin rivulet slides over the brilliant large white slabs of Piera which emerge on the beach.
A corner, a beach, a fantastic sea, a stone arch, the view of the Gulf of Orosei, south of Cala Gonone from where we started, but our journey is not over yet!
Aguglia and its sisters.
And above us the towering Punta Salinas.

Returning by Zodiac.

Skipping over the waves, revisiting beaches and discovering other beaches which are hidden here and there.
And thousands of inlets, caves, Stone sculptures and transparent sea-beds. This is a wonderful breathtaking conclusion to your adventure in the unspoiled beauty of Sardinia..

Oskar Brambilla



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